FAESS Membership

Membership levels, qualifications, and rights/privileges are defined in the FAESS constitution and bylaws.

Member Benefits

  • Affiliation with the premier soils association on the SE Coastal Plain
  • Interaction with professional colleagues
  • Receive the latest information/training on activities in soils
  • Access to the most up-to-date data and information on hydric soil indicators
  • Free copy or discounts on FAESS publications
  • Personal/professional growth
  • Opportunity to contribute to the progression of soil science in FL and the SE Coastal Plain

Membership Levels

LevelQualificationsVoting PrivilegeAnnual Dues*
Lifetime status At any time, an individual my achieve lifetime membership status by paying a one-time due of $500. This waives the annual dues for the life of the member, but does not alter the qualifications or rights and privileges. No additional dues will be required if a member qualifies for a higher level of membership (e.g. from Associate to Full Member). Unchanged from relavent class below $500 paid once, then $0 all other years
Member Shall be one who possess a B.S., MS., or Ph.D.. with major study in Soil Science, and three years, two years, or one year, respectively as a practicing professional, and meets the educational requirements of completing a minimum of 30 semester hours in biological, physical, and earth sciences, with a minimum of 15 semester hours in soils at an accredited institution. Voting $50
Associate Member Shall possess all the qualifications of a Member except tenure Voting $50
Honorary Member Shall be one whom the FAESS desires to honor because of outstanding contribution to the profession, state, or nation Non voting $50
Affiliate Member Shall be one who does not qualify under any of the above, but desires to participate in the advancement of the profession Non voting $50
Student Member A degree-seeking student who qualified for Affiliate Membership Non voting Free

* Annual membership term begins at the start of the annual business meeting in the fall and ends just before the next business meeting the following fall. Dues can be paid in full at any time, but no later than a the start of the annual business meeting.

2014 Membership List

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